Grandpa Pig's Boat

Everybody loves Peppa Pig - especially my daughter.

Finished product The second in the series of Peppa Pig models is Grandpa Pig's Boat.

Printed in a number of parts. Each part printed in the correct filament colour to save painting afterwards. Also the hull and deck were printed as 2 parts each and then glued together due to their size.

It also has a moving control lever, steering wheel and propeller. But the best thing is that it floats really well and is excellent in the bath!


Parts and filament colours

Hull 1 x hull (blue)

Deck 1 x deck (yellow)

Cabin 1 x cabin (yellow)

Railings 1 x railings (white)

Flagpole 1 x flagpole (white)

Flag 1 x flag (black)

Wheel 1 x wheel (black)

Propeller 1 x propeller (gray)

Mount 1 x control mount (gray)

Lever 1 x control lever (black)

Pin 1 x lever pin (black)

Knob 1 x knob (orange)

Print with ABS.

20% infill.

A couple of the parts are tricky to print due to overhangs (railings) or adhesion (railings, flag pole and control lever). I've added a solid raft to some of these to help.


Glue parts with PVC solvent (if using ABS).

  • insert lever into control mount and push in the lever pin (use a clamp for good parallel force - it's a tight fit)
  • Glue knob to control lever (do this after the lever is inserted into the mount)
  • Glue the deck halves together (if printed as 2 parts)
  • Glue the hull halves together (if printed as 2 parts)
  • Paint the skull detail on the flag to bring it out nicely
  • Glue the flag into the flagpole
  • Glue the railings onto the desk
  • Glue the flagpole onto the deck
  • Glue the control mount onto the deck - careful not to get glue on the lever or you will stop it moving!
  • The steering wheel has clips (they are delicate so be careful) and just push into the hole in the cabin
  • Likewise the propeller just pushes into the hole in the hull
  • Glue the cabin to the deck

No need to glue the deck to the hull, but if you do then check it is waterproof first (if you're going to use it in the bath).


There is a drain hole at the back (stern) to empty any water that gets into hull. To check if it's waterproof fill the hull with water and sit it on a paper towel for a while. If it leaks you can lightly coat the inside with PVC glue and/or the outside.


There is room for improvement...

The steering wheel and propeller clips are pretty delicate and were broken quite quickly in play. (They are now glued on.)

Boat Boat



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