Mr Bull's Digger

Everybody loves Peppa Pig - especially my daughter. So after a recent visit to Peppa Pig World and seeing all the toys on sale (for more money than I was prepared to pay) I decided to design my own.

Peppa Pig Figures Peppa Pig Figures

You can buy a full set of Peppa Pig figures (25 of them) for less than £15 online.


Finished product Starting with our favorite - Mr Bull's Road Digger.

Printed in a number of parts. Each part printed in the correct filament colour to save painting afterwards.

The quality of my print was not great due to my very cheap printer. I would expect much better results from a decent printer. My daughter was very happy with the results anyway.


Parts and filament colours

Track 2 x Tracks - Gray

Cab 1 x Cab body bottom - Yellow

Cab 1 x Cab body top - Yellow

Arm1 1 x Arm #1 - Black

Arm2 1 x Arm #2 - Black

Bucket 1 x Bucket - Black

Mount 1 x Cab mount - Gray

Wheel 4 x Wheels - any colour

Seat 1 x Seat - Orange

Light 1 x Light - Orange

Body pin 1 x Body pin - Gray

Bucket pin 2 x Arm pins - Black

Wheel pin 4 x Wheel pins - any colour

Print with ABS (I don't like PLA).

No rafts or support are required for any piece.

Most parts are 30% infill, except the track where I used 15% to save material.


Some parts should be glued. Use PVC glue (from ToolStation, etc) on ABS.

Parts to glue are: cab sections, light, arm mount and tracks.

Ensure you insert the arm mount into the cab before the seat or you will struggle.

The digger arms are pinned together to provide movement. They are a snug fit so a little force is required (try pushing in with a small clamp to keep the force straight).

Again the wheel axles just click into the recesses in the tracks.

Digger Digger



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